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(A) Adult Webmaster/Technology Derrick Hakim 
(A) Advancement Chair Kurt Kostal 
(A) Assistant Scoutmaster Vinod Desai 
(A) Assistant Scoutmaster Jon Kiesel 
(A) Assistant Scoutmaster Stuart McAlpin 
(A) Assistant Scoutmaster Angie Griesmann 
(A) Chartered Organized Rep. JD Carlson 
(A) Committee Chair Eric Kravchencko 
(A) Committee Member Mike Haines 
(A) Committee Member Kurt Schneider 
(A) Committee Member Joe Pullukat 
(A) Committee Member Alan Simonelli 
(A) Dean of Merit Badge Counselors Debbie Hakim 
(A) Fundraising Amy Simonelli 
(A) Recruiting  
(A) Scoutmaster Jim Kruger 
(A) Secretary Stephanie Heverly 
(A) Treasurer Jay Greenwood 
(S) Asst. Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) Nicholas S 
(S) Bugler  
(S) Chaplain Aide Neal P. 
(S) Den Chief  
(S) Den Chief  
(S) Historian Louis K. 
(S) Leave No Trace Trainer  
(S) Librarian  
(S) Order of the Arrow Rep Nicholas S. 
(S) Patrol Leader - Falcons Nate C. 
(S) Patrol Leader - Octagon Douglas 
(S) Patrol Leader - Polar Bear  
(S) Quartermaster Dane G. 
(S) Scout Webmaster Justin H. 
(S) Scribe Justin H 
(S) Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Louis K. 
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