Troop 1005 at Wright Patterson AFB

Post date: Jan 24, 2019 12:31:14 AM

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

On Friday, November 16, 2018, Troop 1005 returned to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base after not being there for over 5 years. This was a very exciting and anticipated outing for the scouts. The drive was about 3 hours long.

The next day the troop made a variety of breakfast backpacking food, for the fun it. Then had a quick drive to the main Wright Patterson museum. Inside the scouts were absolutely amazed by the sights and architecture in the museum. In the museum the scouts got to look around and board different planes from wars like WWI,WWII, Cold war, Vietnam, Korean, and even present day planes.

All of the scouts thought boarding the planes was really cool because you got to put yourself in the pilot's shoes. They also got to play around with flight simulators that actually rocked you around and were really cool and loads of fun.

After the fun free roaming they all went to the Wright Patterson movie theater and saw a movies about the Navy and the Air Force base. They then went back to the campsite and had some amazing homemade pizza, and later spent some time at the Kitty Hawk lanes bowling center at wright Patterson.

The following day (on Sunday) the scouts took off to head back home.