Winter Outing to Camp Greilick

Post date: Mar 23, 2019 8:44:14 PM

On Friday February 15th the scouts returned to camp Greilick which was originally a scout owned camp now opened to the public.They arrived at the camp quite late while most of the campers stayed in a heated cabin, 3 scouts and 2 adult leaders chose to sleep in tents in single degree weather.

Boy Scout Troop 1005 Ice Fishing

The following day, some of the scouts decided to go ice fishing while others chose to stay back at camp to have some free time playing in the snow and building snow forts.

By the end of the morning the scouts that went fishing came back with (unfortunately) no fish, and the people that made forts were very successful. Later on all the scouts went in the cabin and made some lunch composed of sandwiches and chips. After a pretty rushed lunch, we all drove to Mt. Holiday for some skiing and evening tubing.

While the already experienced skiers went out and hit the slopes, the new skiers got some lessons from the scout leaders. It was really cool seeing so many scouts skiing for the first time.

After many hours of skiing the scouts ate some dinner, and later gathered by two very smooth and steep hills for some insanely fast tubing. The ride down was so fast that you couldn't even breathe. After, went back to the cabin for some sleep.

The following day the scouts cleaned up the whole cabin including mopping, and sweeping. Then we all left for home.