Winter Outing

Post date: Mar 1, 2018 5:02:10 AM

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This year’s winter outing was one to remember! This was a real winter outing, unlike last years. Troop 1005 went out on a Luge and ice skiing outing out in Muskegon. Luging is basically sledding down a hill but on rock solid ice.

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Upon arrival, there was plenty of snow to go around and very low temperatures. Temperatures as low as 12 degrees, and the second night a higher degree of 24.

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On Saturday the troop got to go luging, then afterward ice skating upon the frozen water of Lake Michigan! There was even more snow coming down most of the day (a couple of inches). The boys even got to cook their meals in the snow! According to the scouts, they've said that they have improved their cleaning skills after meal times. They give their thanks to the duty roster that the scouts are starting to use again. It makes everything and everyone more organized and efficient.

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There were a few minor injuries and a couple mishaps, but overall this was an excellent outing and one to remember.

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