Weekly Update, October 9, 2017

Post date: Oct 11, 2017 3:54:04 PM

Next Meeting, Tuesday, October 10

There are two main objectives this week.

· Planning for the D-Bar-A outing coming up on Friday.

· For those not attending, there will be reviews and completion of advancement items where possible. It is a time to build a plan to complete those partials.


D-bar-A Outing

D-bar-A Scout Ranch staff is uniquely qualified to present several programs for youth to learn more about horses and about life on a working ranch. We have chosen for the Scouts to participate in a Trail Ride. Designed to introduce participants to the joys of Horseback Riding, Scouts and adults will get to see the Ranch from Horseback. Each ride lasts 1 hour.

We will use the rest of our time over the weekend to work on open rank advancement or merit badge requirements.

Come prepared to make the most of your weekend!

When: Friday, October 13 (Depart East Hills at 6pm) to Sunday, October 15 (Return to East Hills at 11am)

Where: D - A Scout Ranch, 880 E Sutton Rd, Metamora, MI 48455

Cost: $40/person

Registration: Pay via CC here or at the meeting on Tuesday


Website News

If you have been online recently you may have seen a few changes. First, Derrick Hakim has resurrected our old Troop website from Google and has launched the new http://t1005.org website. This one location will give you access to information about the troop and link you back to Troop Track and the page for event registration and payment. There is even a fully functional calendar you can integrate with Outlook or your Phone.

Please take a look and thank Derrick for his hard work it getting it started.

Additionally, we had established a Facebook presence last year, but never really got it started. With Jim Kruger and Derrick Hakim there are signs of life! It is just getting started, but there is already some great photos and event information being shared. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/troop1005mi/

Membership Dues

J.D. Carlson

Dennis Tar

We have a few stragglers. We need to get dues paid immediately. You can pay online or at the meeting to Mr. Kravchenko. Membership continues to be $75/scout.

Activity Consent Forms & BSA Medical Forms

Third Reminder. We need the paperwork for Scouts to be able to participate. Remember, the Medical Forms are good for an entire year.

Here is a link: Activity Consent Forms. This isn’t a commitment for the event, it just makes it easier for event planning not to have to worry about forms. Please complete these and bring them next week and give to Stephanie Heverly.

BSA Medical Form, Part A, B, and C. This needs to be completed annually. You can download the form from the BSA here. For any questions or to submit newly completed forms, please give them to Stephanie Heverly.

Upcoming Events

Some important notes on the calendar. The PLC/Committee meeting has been moved up a week to Oct 17 and we will now have a regular meeting on Oct 24, which will also be a planning meeting for Ft. Wayne, Scouting for Food and Kickoff Wreath Sales Fundraiser. Please note we will not be meeting on Oct 31, Halloween.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the first part of November and we really need everyone to work together to get it all done!

A current calendar is always available online via the TroopTrack documents, or follow and bookmark this link to the calendar.














Regular Meeting

D-Bar-A / Horseback Riding

PLC (6:15p)

Committee Meeting (7:30p)

Regular Meeting

Halloween – NO MEETING

Ft. Wayne Recruiting OUting

Scouting for Food – Drop off Bags

Wreath Sales – Day 1

Regular Troop Meeting

Scouting for Food – Pick up Bags

Wreath Sales – Day 2