Weekly Update, October 23, 2017

Post date: Oct 24, 2017 12:45:06 AM


Next Meeting, Tuesday, October 23

We have a fun filled week planning for the ever-popular Fort Wayne outing! The scouts will also be sorting the cooking gear. Ms. Simonelli will provide details for our annual fundraiser.

We also expect several Cub Scouts (Webelos or Arrow of Light) and their families. This meeting along with weekend outing is a big recruiting time for our Troop. All of our scouts are role models for these crossovers and even more than normal, scouts should be on their best behavior.

Fort Wayne Outing, November 3 to 5

This outing was brought back by popular demand; the last time we visited, scouts had a blast. This year there is an additional twist, activities include:

· Tour / explore the Fort

· Service project at the Fort

· Tour the U.S. Border Patrol Crossing (nearby)

· Drones – learn how to fly a drone!

Additional details:

· All are welcome to sleep in tents on the Fort's parade ground or in the Fort's heated military barracks; Boy Scouts and AOL Scouts sleeping in tents should sleep with another Scout; bring your own tent or use a Troop tent.

· All Scouts will operate in a patrol, preparing their own meals, etc.

· We'll all visit the Border Patrol Saturday morning at 9:00 am; the rest of the day will be spent doing the other awesomely FUN activities!

Who: Troop 1005 Boy Scouts, parents and leaders and Arrow of Light (AOL / Webelos 2) Scouts, parents and leaders from neighboring Cub Scout Packs.

When: Friday, November 3 (meet at East Hills at 5pm) to Sunday, November 5 (Depart Ft. Wayne at approx.. 10am)

Where: Historic Fort Wayne (6325 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209)

Cost: $30/person

Registration: Pay via CC here or at the meeting on Tuesday


Jim Krueger

Lisa Bower

It is that time again! We kick off our annual fundraiser this week and our first Church Sale is just a couple of weeks away. Amy Simonelli will explain this year’s program tomorrow and will have signups for church sales and delivery. The troop can’t survive without this once a year fundraiser. Scouts and families can opt out via a onetime contribution, please see Ms. Simonelli for details.

Website News (reminder)

If you have been online recently you may have seen a few changes. First, Derrick Hakim has resurrected our old Troop website from Google and has launched the new http://t1005.org website. This one location will give you access to information about the troop and link you back to Troop Track and the page for event registration and payment. There is even a fully functional calendar you can integrate with Outlook or your Phone.

Please take a look and thank Derrick for his hard work in getting it started.

Additionally, we had established a Facebook presence last year, but never really got it started. With Jim Kruger and Derrick Hakim there are signs of life! It is just getting started, but there is already some great photos and event information being shared. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/troop1005mi/

Membership Dues – LAST CALL

Dues are now overdue and the charter renewal will happen in a couple of weeks. Pay now to attend the next outing and to stay a member of Troop 1005.

You can pay online or at the meeting to Mr. Kravchenko. Membership continues to be $75/scout.

Upcoming Events (link to current calendar)

Please note we will not be meeting on Oct 31, Halloween.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in the first part of November and we really need everyone to work together to get it all done!

A current printable calendar is always available online via the TroopTrack documents, or follow and bookmark this link to the calendar.













Regular Meeting with Potential Crossover Scouts

Halloween (NO MEETING)

Ft. Wayne Recruiting OUting

Scouting for Food – Drop off Bags

Wreath Sales – Day 1

Regular Troop Meeting

Scouting for Food – Pick up Bags

Wreath Sales – Day 2

PLC / Adult Committee

Regular Meeting