Weekly Update - October 1

Post date: Oct 10, 2018 1:32:55 AM


Leadership training will be held today, Monday October 1st, 6-8 pm, rooms 201-202. All scouts with leadership positions should plan to participate.

Next Meeting, Tuesday, October 2 - Recruiting outing planning.

We will be planning for our upcoming recruiting outing - Oct 12- 14. We would love to have all of our Scouts at Tuesdays troop meeting. We will be hosting several Webelos as guests and this is our chance to show off the troop.

COH - October 30 - We have set the date for our Fall COH. The deadline for completing advancement for this COH is October 9. Scouts that are close to completing rank or merit badges should see Mr. Heverly and Mr. Kostal.

Missing Stove - We are missing a brand new camper stove (Red Case) from our Whitewater outing. If you have any troop gear please turn it in.

Cyber Chip for Rank Advancement - Boys working on Scout and Star rank should complete all requirements with their family before Tuesday October 9th. We will complete these at the troop meeting that night.

  1. As an individual or patrol, use the EDGE method and the Student Project Kit to teach Internet safety rules, behavior, and “netiquette” to your troop or another patrol. You are encouraged to use any additional material and information you have researched. Each member of the patrol must have a role and present part of the lesson.
  2. Discuss with your unit leader the acceptable standards and practices for using allowed electronic devices such as phones and games at your meetings and other Scouting events.

Upcoming Calendar Events


  • Oct 1 - Leadership Training. 6PM - 8 PM @ CCC, Room 201 and 202
  • Oct 2 - Troop Meeting. 6:45 @ CCC, Hospitality room
  • Oct 9 - Troop Meeting. 6:45 @ CCC, Hospitality room
  • Oct 12-14 - Recruiting Outing - Logistics TBD @ Camp Munhacke
  • Oct 16 - PLC/Adult Comitee
  • Oct 23 - Troop Meeting
  • Oct 30 - COH

Youth Protection

Please take the time to take the new youth protection training. Youth Protection must be done by 9/30/18. A bit more info below from our council

The Boy Scouts of America introduced a new and vastly improved Youth Protection Training (YPT) program in February 2018. This new program is so improved and profoundly different that every registered adult is required to take it by 9/30/18. This is regardless as to the expiration date shown on your existing YPT certificate. In fact, BSA has modified the expiration dates of any YPT taken before 2/2/18 to September 30, 2018.

The new “YPT 2.0” can be taken on-line


Boy Scout Policy updates regarding YPT. To be a registered adult you must have the new YPT Complete.

Effective October 1, 2018) Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader over 21 in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader over 21 must be present for any activity involving female youth. Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age- and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided.


Religious Emblem

Christ Church Cranbrook ("CCC") is offering a program for the Protestant faiths. The Protestant Series includes Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Non-Denominational and Presbyterian faiths.

  • God & Life (grades 9-12) has begun, but it's not too late to join. The next meeting for God & Life is September 30 @ 11:30am.
  • God & Church (grades 6-8) will start meeting on October 28 @ 11:30am.

Please let Mr. Heverly or Mr. Kostal know if you are interested in the programs at CCC. If you are interested in a faith outside the protestant faith, we can put you in touch with the right person. Please speak with Mr. Kostal about this topic if you are interested.

STEM opportunities

The troop may add these as formal troop activities, but scouts are always welcome to sign up on their own. More detail to come.

November 10th is STEMQuest. There will be Merit Badges and Nova Award opportunities as well as a ton of other fun activities.

Details: https://scoutingevent.com/attachment/BSA272/document_15283875860_2753.pdf

Registration: https://scoutingevent.com/272-STEMQuest

February 9th is the Winter STEM Olympics. Nova Award opportunities, but the big draw was the cardboard sled races.

Registration: Coming.

April 27th is Nuclear Science NOVA Day at the Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant. You can earn your Nova award or just take the opportunity to tour the plan.

Registration: Coming.