Trip to Kalahari Resort

Post date: Apr 9, 2019 9:50:02 PM

On Saturday morning, March 16th, the scouts drove to Ohio to stay in the hotel and indoor Kalahari water park. Before arriving at Kalahari, the scouts (including the new crossover scouts) went to an Applebees just next to the resort for lunch.

After eating some lunch all of the scouts drove to the resort and got ready to go to the water park. In the huge water park there were many body slides and slides that you use a tube on. There was also a huge lazy river that the scouts loved and spent lots of time on.

Boy Scout Troop 1005 at Kalahari

But the fan favorite from all of the scouts was the big toilet bowl slide. It was a tube slide where there was a big drop to a big bowl were you would cycle around and then get dropped into another fast downfall.

Towards the end of the day all of the scouts went to their hotel rooms and had lots of pizza and other snacks. After dinner the scouts had free time, including relaxing in their rooms, going back to the water park, playing putt putt golf, or going to the arcade.

The following day (Sunday) the scouts woke-up and cleaned their rooms. While most scout headed home, others stayed for a few more hours of fun.