T1005: Weekly Update May 7, 2018

Post date: May 8, 2018 2:08:48 AM

Next Meeting, Tuesday, May 8

Mr. Haines will be taking the lead to discuss calendaring. This is not the official calendaring meeting, this will be some discussion so scouts can start prepping for that activity in early June.

Summer Camp

Ms. Heverly is collecting physical forms for summer camp. They are due by May 30th along with other paperwork that is due. For questions, please see Ms. Heverly.

Mr. Kravchenko will also be collecting payments for summer camp.

New Crossover Scouts… please see me to make sure we get you signed up.

A current printable calendar is always available online via the TroopTrack documents, or follow and bookmark this link to the calendar.








2 (weekend)

Troop Meeting

Troop Meeting

Troop Meeting

White Water Rafting

PLC (6:15 to 7:15)

Committee Meeting (7:30 to 9)

Calendaring – Camp Agawam

Details forthcoming