T1005: Weekly Update May 21, 2018

Post date: May 22, 2018 11:08:17 AM

Next Meeting, Tuesday, May 22

For those attending, we will be planning for the Whitewater Rafting outing. Additionally, scouts and parents will be filling out a survey regarding calendaring for the upcoming year. The more people that give their input the better. Our goal is to improve attendance at outings and try to ensure the outings are fun and meaningful for the boys that attend.

The list of options includes outings the troop has done in the past as well as new ideas the boys and adults participating in the discussion have added. The survey is anonymous but we would like to know the age of the scout.

Our senior scouts and parents are encouraged to participate because they have the most experience and have attended the widest variety of outings.

If parents have any potential outing ideas to add, please email them to Chris heverly@ global2332@sbcglobal.net.

To create the final draft of the calendar, we will be meeting at the church or one of the nature centers on Saturday, June 2nd in the morning. Details will be announced.


Summer camp will be here in a month and Medical Forms are required to attend.

Ms. Heverly is collecting physical forms for summer camp. They are due by May 30th along with other paperwork that is due. For questions, please see Ms. Heverly.

Mr. Kravchenko will also be collecting payments for summer camp. You should have received a PayPal invoice. You can pay via that link or Mr. Kravchenko on Tuesday.

A current printable calendar is always available online via the TroopTrack documents, or follow and bookmark this link to the calendar.






24 to 30

White Water Rafting

PLC (6:15 to 7:15)

Committee Meeting (7:30 to 9)

Calendaring – AM

Details forthcoming

Summer Camp – Camp Rotary