Next Meeting, Tuesday, April 10 – at Bloomfield Township Library

Post date: Apr 10, 2018 10:33:58 AM

Pinney Bridge

With the South Oakland Shelter at the church this week, we will be meeting in the Bloomfield Township Public Library (1099 Lone Pine Road, Bloomfield Township, Michigan, 48302). The meeting will be in Room 2, downstairs.

Lots of activity this week, including some planning for the upcoming East Jordan Trail Pathway outing next week. Bring your books to wrap up any loose ends in preparation for the upcoming court of honor.

Special Adult Meeting – High Adventure

In addition to the regular meeting, there is a special adult meeting in Room 3. Jim Krueger sent a note about the meeting tomorrow but it bears repeating. High Adventure outings are often a couple of capstone adventures in a scouting career. While phenomenal events, they take planning and scouts often plan 2 to 3 years out. We are planning for one this year and next. The details from Mr. Krueger:

We’re having an adult meeting this Tuesday (during the troop mtg) to discuss upcoming high adventure trips. We hope you’ll be able to join us, as a Scout going on such a trip is one of the highlights of a Scouting career, creating life long memories. Six months ago, the Scouts completed a survey and asked to go on the Great Lakes sailing trip in 2018 and to Florida Sea Base in 2019.

For this summer’s sailing trip, we have five Scouts signed up. We’ll start in Mackinaw City on Sunday, July 29th, board our 52 foot sailboat, and return Friday, Aug 3rd, with nightly stops in a harbor. The cost is approximately $700, and compared to other high adventure trips, is relatively inexpensive. If we don’t have three more of our Scouts sign up by this Tuesday night, we’ll be inviting Scouts from neighboring troops to join us.

For 2019, a trip to FL Sea Base will be planned. The base cost is about $2,000. If the Scouts decide to go on a scuba trip, each attending Scout will need to get certified in scuba this summer (extra cost about $500). In order to go on any high adventure trip, a Scout needs to be at least 13 years old. For those that don’t qualify for either of these trips, future trips will be planned in 2020 and beyond.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Jim

Personal Management

We are at a point where we are doing makeups and reviewing personal activities. We will have some time at the end of the meeting to do some reviews. Please see me or Mr. Kostal. Reminder: To try and streamline the review process with so many people in the group, Mr. Kostal has agreed to help get through those reviews. We’ve aligned scouts with the following counselors:

Jordan Valley Pathway Outing

April 20 - 22, 2018

Part of the North Country National Scenic Trail

This trip is always a scout favorite. Details available in the flyer here.

Payments being accepted in person and online.

South Oakland Shelter (SOS) Volunteer Event

Thanks to everyone who participated this past Sunday in the setup of SOS. The second day, for teardown and laundry, will be on April 15th at 8am. If you didn’t make it the first day, please join this Sunday.

Sailing Trip – Space Available

1. For those that are already signed up, you should have made your first twopayment to Mr. Kravchenko of $150. The third payment is due on April 15.

2. If you’re not signed up yet, but would like to go on the sailing trip Sunday, July 29 - Friday, Aug 3, please contact Mr. Krueger this week.

This is a very unique opportunity to learn how to sail a 52-foot sailboat; you’ll be steering the boat!

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