Fort Wayne Outing

Post date: Dec 29, 2017 6:57:06 PM

fort wayne photo 1

Another incredible weekend at Historic Fort Wayne on November 3-5 joined together by Pack 1014 Arrow of Life Scouts. The main goal was for our scouts in Troop 1005 to inspire the lower-class scouts and to spark their minds on the adventures and opportunities they could be involved with if they were to continue scouting all the way up to the rank of Eagle. Troop 1005 holds open arms to new incoming scouts! The easiest way to spark young minds is to have fun as well as getting something out of each adventure or activity and that’s just what they did!

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Over the two-day weekend, the Scouts completed a service project at the Fort by picking up garbage on all of the grounds, they were all working in groups for a total of 3 whole hours! Afterwards, all of our Scouts earned the BSA Historic Trails Award. The Scouts also participated in flying small and larger drones around the perimeter of the grounds, as well as soaking in the knowledge of how the drones work and the basics to fly. Excitement filled the air and it seemed like they could never lift their jaws up from the floor! Throughout the two days, the scouts started to create a strong friendship bond through outdoor football games, indoor cards games, or just including each other in small talk during meal times. The outing turned out to be a blast!

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Ben and his mother Lisa really enjoyed their stay as well as the beautiful sights, as Lisa explains, “Ben and I are with his Boy Scout troop at historic Fort Wayne in Detroit. This is an amazing place with lots of history. We are sleeping in the original barracks built in 1848. There are many other houses previously for officers that are in a terrible state of decay. So sad to see, but still, they are beautiful in their own way.”

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