D-A Outing

Post date: Dec 29, 2017 6:43:57 PM

D-A photo 1

On this November weekend, a handful of scouts from the troop had a blast at the D Bar A. Even though it rained every minute of the entire weekend, the boys were able to make the best of it.

Every boy was able to ride a horse that took place at the barn. They learned how to get on and off of the horse as well as make it go all directions that our cars are able to go. The ride was a good 45-60 minutes filled with spectacular views.

D-A photo2

During their downtime, the boys were mostly focused on their requirements they needed to rank up, and everyone was able to finish a few requirements. Every year the D Bar A throws a Halloween bash, a place where kids can dress up, play games, dress up, and have fun. Two of our scouts Lovell and Kelton volunteered to help set up and help out before the event started instead of hanging out back at the campsite.

D-A photo 3

On the last day, Lovell and Lamarr did the honors of giving us a nondenominational Religious service related to the song "Amazing Grace", it was played on the flute and trumpet which was a wonderful duo and sounded beautiful.

Before it was time to pack up and leave the troop gathered together and talked about their "Thorns and Roses", a tradition where everyone in the troop provides a short summary of what they enjoyed during the weekend and what they disliked about it.