Caving Outing

Post date: Jan 21, 2018 8:24:51 PM

cave 1

The caving outing took place on January 13-15. The few scouts that attended drove all the way down to Southern Indiana in an 8-hour car ride. Finally, upon their arrival at the Marengo Cave they spent their first night in the cabin unpacking, chatting and playing games.

cave 2

The next day is where the fun begins. Throughout the start of the cave there was very little light as well as muddy and wet, but they got used to it. Along with that, Kevin, our SPL noted, “The cave was booming with echoes from the younger scouts which was kind of annoying, also the caves were very narrow and it was about 52 degrees in the cave.”

cave 3

On the other hand, the troop got to walk through underground rivers and small waterfalls. Along with very beautiful sights such as beautiful shapes of rocks that have been growing for years! They also got to experience the breakdown of collapsed rocks that they were able to climb up upon. There was even a little lunch break in between the tour. The troop brought meals like oatmeal, sandwiches, backpacking meals, and pop tarts.

cave 4

Overall, the outing was a success! Kevin agreed that he would recommend this outing to other future scouts.