Salesmanship Merit Badget Update

Post date: Nov 18, 2012 11:45:55 PM

Salesmanship merit badge

If you are working on the Salemanship MB, this will take you to the worksheet.

Most of the scouts who have been working on this from the beginning have completed requirements 3 & 4. At the next troop meeting, be prepared to discuss #1 and #5a (as it pertains to wreath sales). If time permits, and we have enough adults that are involved in sales, we'll work on number 6.

You can also begin to work on numbers 2 and 7, as those will be the final requirements to complete.

Requirements Recap (Goals):

Req# 1: Prepare For Next Troop Meeting on Nov. 27th

Req# 2: Prepare For The Troop Meeting on Dec. 4th

- If you are picking-up the wreaths from Auburn Oaks Nursery (3820 W. Auburn Rd., Rochester Hills) take some time to complete 2c.

We have taken a video of how the wreaths are made, so you can see the process if you are unable to visit yourself, although you should make an effort to see the process in person.

- When you deliver your wreaths, or distribute them at the church, be sure to complete 2d by asking your customers if they are satisfied with their purchase.

Req# 3: Most Completed on 11/6/2012

Req# 4: Most Completed on 10/30/12

Req# 5a: Discuss Your Wreath Sales Experiences At Next Troop Meeting on Nov. 27th

Req# 6: Interview A Sales Person At The Next Troop Meeting on Nov. 27th.

If you know a family friend that you would like to interview, you can do that and write your answers down (and their name) to go over with me instead.

Req# 7: Prepare For The Troop Meeting on Dec. 4th

We can wrap-up any loose ends at the Dec. 11th meeting.